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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ashby Sneak Peek!

So, you know those perfect days... the sun is just right, the temperature is perfect, it's been a good day. Everything's leading up to a perfect photography shoot and then when you arrive at your shoot you realize you forgot the most important thing... bug spray; and lots of it!! Everyone was itching like crazy, but we managed to coax the kids into some great photos. Here's just a sneak peek!
This next photo happened by complete accident. It was one of those that I looked at in my LCD screen and thought,  bummer... it's blurry. That could've been... And then I get it up on my computer and think, yes, that was exactly what I wanted. This cutie's Dad stepped in to make him laugh and I was already set up to take close ups of the munchkin so I completely spaced to change my f/s and still stayed focus on him. Dad ended up blurry, but his son was so crisp. It just showed his sweet laugh and that little moment he was having with Dad. This is one of my favorites. Photobucket And then there's this one. Seriously... I could eat him. It made me miss my little boy so much during the photo shoot! I had to laugh. Plenty more to come!! I'm so excited!


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Material Mary said...

Lovely photos Katie...