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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sassy Shoes

I just love these shoes. I feel like a sassy, long-legged hot woman. It's amazing how Ann Taylor Loft can create such incredible emotions out of two 6 inch knobs you place on the bottom of your feet. Yes, I feel completely and totally random about doing a post on my amazing black heels, but I loved the shot and I was practicing "detail" shots while I was at the temple one day. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Houston Temple... and these great shoes? Cathryn (my harpist -- is that a word??) loves them too. I let her use them so I could get her to be sassy. It worked. :)

1 comment:

Material Mary said...

Great shoes. I know, I had a pair identical in the 80's. They were hot stuff. You are talking to a girl who loves fine shoes and I used to have over 80 pair. Then I got married and had kids. Now I'm old and wear Crocs---pathetic huh? Have a great day.