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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brenham- New Home or Model Spot?

So, first I tried getting Brad to model for me. In the end, he ended up with the camera 90% of the time taking pictures of me and all of the blue bonnets. I love him and he's amazing with pictures! We just wanted to play around because we could. We absolutely LOVE Brenham, Texas.


Sky, Steph, and Selma said...

I know you say you're not professional but dang girl, in my book, you're looking like you are to me!! You're so talented!! I love all of the shots on this page, Brad's pretty good with the camera too! You're so pretty!

Chantel and Brian said...

Love it! Okay...could ya stop being so pretty one of these days? You kill me girl! ( : Great modeling sessions..and Great pictures! You have talent.

Simply K said...

Sadly, I did have some touch up on the first photo with the hat; a little too much, I think. But, I must say, I can see what my age coming in and what years of sun can do! :) Hahaha!

Katie Jane said...

What a hot couple you are! We are going to visit you ASAP! I love your photography! So talented. When you guys are here next time I am totally hiring you to take pictures of my ladies and my hot husband...I guess I should be in a couple too.

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

So good!!! I love these pictures! You wanna fly back and do our baby pictures when Brennon is born?? :)

Amy said...

love it! i'm glad i found your picture blog. great pics!!! i love them all. you did a great job.

Tonya said...

Brenham is a great modeling spot but not a "home" spot. We love you guys here!

jason and michelle clarke said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! You do such a great job. Brad does pretty stinkin good too!! You look like a hot tamale (you hottie you) keep up the good work!!